Yet not, in the Agitate Halation Arc, she gone back to the woman previous outbursts dating towards your

Yet not, in the Agitate Halation Arc, she gone back to the woman previous outbursts dating towards your

Touma does not accept that she need to have from simple for this lady methods previously and thoroughly thinks she should face a reasonable demo, however, he won’t allow the girl are savagely slain inside title of Alliance’s justice. Immediately following to get allies, he becomes some friendly and you may common with the Othinus, sufficient you to she’s got to help you constantly encourage your one to this woman is an excellent goodness which he shouldn’t do it. Throughout the unique, Touma and Othinus produce an unbreakable thread in which they trust in both, since discussed when Touma face Silvia and you can Brunhild and in the end as he preserves Othinus.

Ollerus states if sometimes Touma otherwise Othinus died within the front side of a single various other, of many transform can happen, with Touma switching their character and Othinus are a beast far far more vicious than what she is actually before.

Mikoto got a good smash with the Touma for quite some time but she pointed out that she got fallen crazy about your close the conclusion brand new Acqua of your own Right back Arc

Among the letters from the series, Othinus normally arguably be considered once the nearest so you’re able to Touma, have a tendency to insisting to tag along with Touma in the pouches just after as faster, despite the issues, providing your suggestions into the not only in the brand new things regarding wonders and also showing-off just how much she understands Touma’s characteristics In fact, each other Touma and you may Othinus herself has actually referenced the matchmaking while the the lady are Touma’s Understander ( ??? , Rikai-sha ? ) .

Misaka Mikoto

Touma earliest came across Mikoto when she was being harassed because of the delinquents and you may, unacquainted with the woman Top 5 characteristics, the guy attempted to cut the girl. The guy accidentally generated her resentful, and therefore lead to her frying all the delinquents herself. [32] He rapidly discovers out of their error, and in the original world regarding the Index collection the guy tries to keep additional delinquents of the girl. [33] The guy certainly cares on her behalf due to the fact shown within the Sisters Arch, as he eliminated this lady out of trying to get herself murdered and consoled the woman whenever she cried. Mikoto are among the first individuals discover Touma’s loss of memory, albeit accidentally. [ citation expected ]

Since the realizing the girl feelings, Mikoto could have been prepared to get involved in Touma’s lifetime, seeking to help save him while in the Business Conflict III and you may using your to help you Their state in Hawaiian Intrusion Arch. Into the second experience, she along with experimented with start a connection with him, even if she backed up of trying supply your a band she bought. At the conclusion of the brand new Hawaiian Attack Arc, Mikoto told Touma that she’ll incur their burdens that have him and therefore he is one of many. Touma is actually grateful for just what Mikoto told you, however, the guy believed that he could maybe not allow her to rating covered up in the difficulties. As he gone back to Academy Area which how to see who likes you on upforit without paying is quickly swept up within the a dangerous condition, she accepted that Touma can not be held back to their procedures, and will assistance your within his endeavours although these people were harmful. She refers to it a sign of becoming good “a great lady”. [ citation called for ] About Wonders God Othinus Arc, Mikoto confronts into Touma’s ideals in the protecting Othinus and preserving the new “primary globe.” Despite his pleas, she does not faith his say that a scene in place of him perform delete the newest sins connected to him. Informing Touma not to ever getting limited by worthless values, and you may sustain the weight out of her future and you will half dozen billion anyone. Having a grin, Mikoto brings Touma an embrace, and you will shocks which have him with her power, while making him reduce understanding. No matter what ultimately conquering Touma in the his online game, Mikoto feels this lady victory try empty.