Stranger Things: 7 Key Steve And Nancy Moments On The Show So Far

In the middle of their way to the mansion, a concerned Nancy pleaded with Robin to slow down and reminded her not to step on any vine, which would definitely warn Vecna and the rest of the dimension’s hive mind of their presence. After receiving Erica’s signal, Lucas and Max warned that they would begin the second phase, which involved Max baiting Vecna into her mind. As they remained hidden underneath the playground, Nancy urged the creature to take the bait. Though Vecna did not infiltrate Max’s mind right away, she eventually succeeded in tricking him into possessing her once more upon admitting that she wished to join her stepbrother Billy in death. While working at The Weekly Streak, Nancy is confronted by her classmate and fellow journalist, Fred Benson about Jonathan who would not be visiting her for spring break.

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Of course, there’s the OG, Mileven, but also Max and Lucas, Suzie and Dustin, AND Nancy and Jonathan. Once the camera stops rolling, the stars of the Netflix hit have their own IRL romances, and some of them are even more exciting than the onscreen ones. Now that we’re days away from the premiere of season four, we can’t wait to see how these romances unfold. Here’s a look at all of your fave Stranger Things stars and what’s going on in their love lives.

“Not feeling too well but I still wanna meet you at piedmont park tonight,” he said, signing off his message with an “x” for hugs. USA Today reported that Heaton, a British citizen, was denied entry into the United States because a customs canine caught trace amounts of cocaine in his luggage upon arrival to LAX. While out and about in New York City, Dyer and Heaton were spotted holding hands as they walked down the street. Heaton took a trip to the island of Menorca, which sits off the coast of Spain. Both are working at the Hawkins Post for their summer internships, but they bump heads after Nancy faces sexism in the workplace. Eventually, the two find their way back together after fighting off the Mindflayer at Hawkins Hospital.

And when Johnathan arrives back in Hawkins, he and Nancy continue their relationship, as rocky as it may be. We even get a glimpse of Robin comforting Steve after he watches Nancy and Johnathan hug. While it seems possible that something could happen between them in the next season, Nancy and Steve do not get back together in Season 4. When Robin goes with Nancy instead, it seems like she offers to go simply to mess with Steve, and then later makes it clear to Nancy that she and Steve are just friends. But in Season 4, which sees Nancy growing apart from Johnathan and Steve on the lookout for a new relationship, Vecna’s new deadly schemes have brought the two together.

Furthermore, he seldom gets to see his kid, who lives in London with his mother, due to his extremely busy schedule. Nancy’s classmate who she works on the school newspaper with, Fred (Logan Riley Bruner), constantly asks why Jonathan isn’t visiting Hawkins for break, to which she says he has to take care of Will while their mom is working. On the flip side, Jonathan’s new friend Argyle (Eduardo Franco) continues to pry as to why Nancy isn’t coming to California for break. There’s clearly something going on for the couple, leading viewers to wonder if they’re going to break up.

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After learning the truth about the demogorgon, Nancy struggles with PTSD, blaming herself for Barb’s loss and also blaming Steve. The subsequent seasons are centered mostly around Nancy’s relationships with Steve and then Jonathan. While she was courageous and defied any implication of a damsel-in-distress Lumen Dating trope, it wasn’t until she found a love for journalism that she really had a true north. While in season two, they still remain friends, but after a drunken Nancy breaks up with her boyfriend, Steve, Jonathan is on board to get justice for her deceased best friend Barbra Holland.

However, she joked that she’d “rather watch him do it from afar… with headphones on,” referring to how noisy the construction site was. The Property Brothers appeared on Today where Drew pointed out Jonathan’s smile. “See this smile? I haven’t seen him smile like this in a very long time, and I think it’s amazing to see him so happy.” The couple first met in August 2019 while filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

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“Thank you Wyoming for your hospitality. Thank you @zooeydeschanel for accepting my 7 day unshaven streak.” The pair first closed on the house in June 2020 and immediately started on renovations. In an interview with PEOPLE, Deschanel said that one of the reasons she loves Scott so much is that they both share a passion for the environment. As she put it, their mutual interest in activism helped them cement their connection early on. “I remember actually when we first met, he sent me his documentary and I was like, wow, we are so aligned on this level,” she shared.

Valentine’s Day 2021 saw the couple happier than ever, with Scott sharing on Twitter that he would need more than a photo caption to describe just how much he loves the New Girl star. As he put it, “There’s a lot to love about this lady right here. To list it, I’d need a LOT more paper.” Deschanel and her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik finalized their divorce nine months after the initial filing. From gushing about their mutual passion for the environment to supporting one another at work, the pair has given fans plenty of sweet updates throughout their romance.

With the sudden scandal plaguing the star, it is yet to be seen how much it could impact his acting career, especially his relationship with Marvel Studios. He released a statement through his lawyer Priya Chaudhry after posting bail that same day where he vowed to clear his name. Join Nancy Grace for her new online video series designed to help you protect what you love most — your children. Gladden believes he has been summoned for jury duty and is blissfully unaware that everything inside the courtroom including his fellow jurors are actors. A true story of heroism during the Second World War informs a multilingual historical drama created by Anna Winger and Daniel Hendler, which is based on Julie Orringer’s novel The Flight Portfolio. The crime boss entreats Mike to track down his runaway girlfriend Delly West (Abbey Lee).

With all that said, what would you consider Nancy’s most badass moment this season? Oh man… [Laughs] The confrontation with Paul Reiser’s character, the whole thing of getting into that lab and getting detained, those scenes were pretty powerful. And the moment when she grabs the gun, not that the gun gives her power, but it’s something where she’s saying, “I’m qualified. She’s not really thinking about herself, she’s gung ho about doing what’s right.

Whenever Nancy was abused and humiliated by the male employees, she was always comforted by Jonathan. When Nancy picked up a story from Doris Driscoll, she grabbed Jonathan along to investigate and present the story to the Post. However, after the story was rejected which left Nancy cruelly insulted, she ignored Jonathan’s attempts to comfort her. Nancy eventually decided to get more evidence of the story and convinced a reluctant Jonathan to come with her where they discovered Mrs. Driscoll consuming fertilizer. This lead to them getting fired from the Post and straining their relationship, with Jonathan angry over losing his means to support his family and Nancy accusing Jonathan of being like her abusers. Nevertheless, Nancy later revealed to her mom that she felt guilty for causing Jonathan to lose his job as she wasn’t thinking about him, but only herself.

Through Dustin’s unlikely wisdom, Steve began to shed the ideals that were once so valuable to him in high school. He became a more well-rounded and likable character, and developed feelings for Robin as a result. Jonathan still possesses a picture of the moment, revealed in the next episode, titled Holly, Jolly. Steve and his bully pals discover the photos from the party, calling Jonathan a “creep” and a pervert.

She soon discovers that Barb was abducted and killed by an interdimensional being (the Demogorgon). She spends the next year grieving for her deceased friend, but resolves to learn more about what killed her. In conversation with GQ, Heaton explained why he and Dyer chose to keep their romance under the radar in the early stages, saying that they were scared to mess up anything after their series had become such a hit. In honor of Dyer’s 25th birthday, Heaton posted a snap of the two embracing.