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It also helps if you’re not going in Love Esquire expecting the focus to be on the rpg half and don’t mind the combat style this takes on. If you’re into visual novels, dating sims, and/or RPGs you might want to consider backing. One of the most unique dating sims to come out of Southeast Asia is Love Esquire by Yangyang Mobile.

None of these romance routes necessarily intersect, but they do have aspects in common like the rioters are part of Vel’s, Beatrice’s, and Kamala’s story. I really liked how Love Esquire’s story is based on who you’re romancing, with you becoming a squire right before a war being the framing device and time limit. While this means that you are missing chunks if you don’t romance all of the ladies, it does give a more personal touch to your relationships with each one. Raise Stats – Git gud and become the ideal man by increasing your strength, charisma and intelligence. Never played a dating sim, but I’m always open to more good turn based rpgs, because my favorite games have abandoned that style.

Though, rather than you fighting, you’re supporting Hugh like the good squire you are. As Hugh is only set on attacking, you’re tasked with making sure he doesn’t get his butt kicked. If you want Hugh to go a turn without damage, taunt your enemy and take it instead. Cheer Hugh on with boobs so he’ll attack all enemies . When you two, but mostly Hugh, are in need of some health, it’s your responsibility to heal.

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Even though you might not like some of them when you first meet them, when you actually go through their story you’ll most likely will by the end of it. Even the main character isn’t as annoying as you would think. Usually I hate characters where their only purpose is to make sexual jokes or worse, constantly ruin a serious scene with them, but the main character is tolerable. I can only suspect that it’s because he does grow and his character isn’t zeroed in on getting laid and making sexual jokes. And when there are sexual jokes, it doesn’t fall flat and is placed appropriately.

As far as the dungeon crawling/RPG aspects of the game are concerned, as a squire you take a more passive approach to combat. More acting in support of your knight rather than participating directly. You can heal, boost morale, taunt enemies and so on. It’s not often that you spot a Switch eShop listing telling you to “git gud, get laid” nestled amongst your child-friendly Mario and Pokémon games, yet here we are.

Luckily you do get gold if you fail, but not as much as you would if you succeeded. Since Love Esquire is a romance game, players will be presented with the occasional suggestive and juicy fanservice CGs, such as panty and boob shots. Please take note that none of these CGs are explicit, and there is no nudity in this game. However, the game is moddable and this disclaimer does not apply to modded content.

These checks are meant to prevent the store from frauds. If your order is selected for a manual review and you don’t want to wait or provide additional information, you can always request order cancellation and get your money back. Yangyang Mobile, Philippines based developers of The Letter, have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring another visual novel to life, Love Esquire.

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Well, your birthday comes with good news and bad news. A knight named Hugh decided to take you as his squire and this is your glorious debut. Yep, couldn’t have picked a better time to become a squire. You see, there is a horde of barbarians named the Gegners that are dead set on destroying everything in their sight.

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Some lines were made even better with the delivery the voice actors did and we got the absolute gold voice that is Amy’s. However, on the other side the audio level constantly fluctuates and there are some lines with poor sound quality. You’ll have a scene where it’s at the perfect level, but then it goes to the lines being too soft where you can barely hear them or the quality suddenly changes. Then you have the absolute worst lines that are both too loud and have a bad audio quality. If you ever encountered a Youtube video that suddenly got really loud and purposefully recorded it poorly, it’s that. It’s pretty good, but the best but I don’t regret buying it.

“Love Esquire,” a sexy and hilarious dating sim/visual novel boasting turn-based RPG combat, is now available on Steam where it is garnering great reviews. When you’re not training or going on campaigns, it’s time to chat it up with the finest ladies in Caerulia. You have five romance options consisting of a smallfry , a reclusive nurse , two princesses , and your sister Amy .

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I am not against “dating” elements in a game, I absolutely adored Azure Dreams back in the day, but at least that game respected itself enough not to call them waifus like some badge of honor. This gameplay loop that involves adventuring, improving your stats, and wooing the ladies is extremely rewarding, making “Love Esquire” a tough game to put down. To win their hearts, you’ll have to spend time with them, buy them gifts, and make decisions they’ll appreciate. As your relationships with them grow, you’ll unlock more story content, special events, cut scenes, and a host of other stuff.