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The two cheapest sources of thermal power generation – coal and natural gas – are in abundance. Scholars have suggested that the Prajñāpāramitā Sutras, the earliest Mahayana Sutras, developed among the Mahāsāṃghika along the Krishna River in Andhra country. The Natya Shastra written by Bharatha also mentions the Andhra people. The roots of the Telugu language have been seen on inscriptions found near the Guntur district and from others dating to the rule of Renati Cholas in the 5th century CE.

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The Hyderabad cricket team has won the Ranji Trophy twice. The Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad, regularly hosts international matches. The Deccan Chargers, an Indian Premier League franchise, is based in Hyderabad. Other modern writers include Gunturu Seshendra Sarma, the only person nominated from India for a Nobel prize in literature since Rabindranath Tagore. The West Bengal Government conferred on him the title Rashtrendu (“Moon of the Nation”).

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Hyderabad houses the Prasads IMAX theatre, which was the biggest 3D IMAX screen in the world when it was built in 2007. It is also home to Ramoji Film City which is the world’s largest integrated film studio complex at over 2,000 acres of land. Ramanaidu holds a Guinness Record for the most number of films produced by a person. Jayapa Senani was the first person to write about the dances prevalent in Andhra Pradesh.


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The IT exports reached 19,000 crores ($4.5 billion) in 2006–2007, contributed to 14 per cent of total IT exports of the nation and ranked fourth in India. Other key sectors include, Biopharmaceuticals, Power, Automobile, Tourism, Textiles, Retail, Leather, Mining and Religious tourism. Other languages spoken in Andhra Pradesh by less than 1% each are Kannada (0.80%), Marathi (0.74%), and Oriya (0.44%).

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The Kadapa Basin formed by two arching branches of the Eastern Ghats is a mineral rich area. The coastal plains are for the most part delta regions formed by the Godavari, Krishna, and Penner rivers. The Eastern Ghats are a major dividing line in the state’s geography. The Ghats become more pronounced towards the south and extreme north of the coast. The Eastern Ghat region is home to dense tropical forests, while the vegetation becomes sparse as the Ghats give way to the Deccan Plateau, where shrub vegetation is more common. Most of the coastal plains are put to intense agricultural use.

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