Immediately following, a character shows up helping her or him by the hiding her or him away from new armed forces along with his household

Immediately following, a character shows up helping her or him by the hiding her or him away from new armed forces along with his household

When they awaken, they fall into an industry right after which to acquire a big Lacrima, a great deal larger as compared to one to it spotted just before, and you will realize their location together with where their friends was are kept. Around, the fresh new farmer and his spouse cure Happy and you can Carla with hospitality and so they discover that the reason they stored them is really because these people were banished regarding kingdom which they won’t pay attention on their guidelines. Happier still decides to rescue their friends and you will attempts to envision of one’s second course of action, having Carla however effect guilty.

But not, Marl’s terms and conditions be able to arrive at Carla, and you may she regains their sensory faculties, choosing to head out and Happy into the Regal Resource and you will save people they know. It jump-off the edge of Extalia after which know that the reason it didn’t travel ahead of is actually as his or her heads was in fact stressed, but now there’s nothing to worry about in addition to their wings come out once more. Because they’re making the brand new farmer and his awesome spouse touch upon Happy’s increases, and show that they are in fact his moms and dads and they try pleased with just what he has be, along with having a cute girlfriend.

Competition Royale [ ]

Straight back in the Royal Investment, the fresh military head and Faust learn that the latest individuals out of Environment Land can shop Miracle inside their regulators given that Is higher than. Faust following says you to definitely Queen Shagotte makes an announcement for Lucy’s performance.

Thus giving Delighted and you may Carla a chance to escape as well as have within the tower in which Natsu and you may Wendy try

As an excellent barefoot Lucy recalls the new talk amongst the Go beyond King and the humans, Erza Knightwalker guides from inside the that will be confused with Erza Scarlet, having Lucy seeking ask for help but the second simply drags their particular out from the telephone, looking to force their own in the castle and you may eliminate her. Lucy discovers this particular Erza try a challenger whom have hunting Fairy Tail Mages, and only as she gets forced out of, Happier and you will Carla come only eventually to catch their own. Later on, Carla attempts to get some info regarding in which Natsu and you can Wendy try because of the pretending is Queen Shaggote’s child. She manages to discover its location however, does not save yourself them, as army was told that she and you will Happier was Fell. Because they you will need to refuge, Captain Nichiya and you will an army regarding surpass arrive and then try to grab them, together with the knowledge that the new Go beyond have them cornered both off russo mulheres namorando the air and the crushed.

Just then your King notices the brand new military regarding Surpass arrive and you can chooses to begin Password ETD, which results in brand new Go beyond taking became a big Lacrima amazingly. As they rundown the newest staircase to help you where they are, he could be assaulted from the Erza Knightwalker and her army and you will discover that army has already been emptying new Secret from their family relations, that will kill him or her. Despite Carla requiring it come back Wendy, Erza ignores their particular and you will prepares to help you destroy their particular, however, Happy defends their unique and you can tells their particular to destroy your earliest. Just as she’s about to take action a surge takes place behind the latest army and Erza Bright red with Gray Fullbuster apparently join the competition, to be able to explore their magic.

When you are Erza holds out of her similar, Gray and someone else direct on the where Dragon slayers try. They then discover that Gajeel is also within the Edolas that’s fighting new military, which the Lacrima they noticed on the courtyard had been merely Grey and you can Erza, and therefore Gajeel released her or him regarding having Dragon Slayer Secret. Understanding that Gajeel can use his Magic to revive others also, Happier flies with the Gajeel and you may requires him to where in fact the Lacrima is based. If other people ultimately arrived at the bedroom where Natsu and you may Wendy are, they see that they’re too late, however Gray takes out a container regarding pills to feed Natsu and you can Wendy. They in the near future win back consciousness, and you will discover that Grey and you can Erza, and additionally Lucy, have been all able to use Miracle due to the pills Mystogan had provided them all. Whenever Natsu wakes right up, the guy charges from the place and you may Wendy tells others your armed forces intentions to fool around with Dragon Slayer Miracle in order to smash the latest giant Lacrima towards Extalia and build eternal Magic.