25 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast & The Best Ways To Slow It Down

You might also feel like he’s trying too hard to charm you. And, in an extreme case, it could point to him being a little obsessed with you. When it comes to saying you’re on his mind all day, less really is more.


Nobody can tell you whether what you’re doing is right or not. You can only decide for yourself and as a couple. There’s nothing that will speed up a relationship more than too much time spent together too soon.

When you start dating immediately after a breakup, the chances are you still haven’t recovered from the end of the previous relationship. To avoid heartache and loneliness, you may jump into a relationship. These kinds of relationships move at a fast pace. You may use it as a distraction or to show that you are “winning” the breakup. It is important to acknowledge the end of a relationship, mourn it, and then move on.

How to slow your roll

Narcissists often use this tactic of intense romantic courting to get what they want. You want the person you’re dating to think of you, but if he regularly tells you how much you’ve been on his mind, it can feel like TMI during the early stages of your relationship. It could make you feel pressure because he’s got strong feelings for you already.

Then, at some point down the line, you suddenly realize that you’re in way over your head. When you meet someone and the hormones start firing, you can easily get swept up in the romance of it all and move too quickly. So, how often should you see someone when first dating? What that means for you and your partner will be up for determination. The best part is you can fine-tune your dating patterns at any point.

When pacing your dates with your new beau, here are a few ways to gauge whether you’re on the same page. They want to have sex, but they’re selfish about it. They only care about their pleasure and not about yours. They ask you to do things that they refuse to reciprocate, like oral sex.

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Take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try, and encourage your partner to do the same. Your life will be all the richer for it and your relationship the healthier. You need to be clear with the other person about the way you’ve been feeling.

“Whirlwind romances are very exciting — but many times they leave a trail of destruction in their wake as they wind down and fail,” she says. Communicate that you’re looking forward to building the relationship but you want to savor it and take things slow. Once you’ve decided someone’s worth your time, commit to making them feel that way. Then you won’t even think of asking the question “How often should I see someone I’m dating or started dating?

You can tell them together or separately, whatever feels more natural — but try to emphasize how excited you are for this next step. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose your friendships with them, just that things will be a little different from now on. Your friends should be excited to see you happy, and it’ll help you feel like a more established couple if you get your love out into the open when you’re ready. You know things are moving too fast when the pet names are starting to make an appearance. A two-week “snookums” or “honeybun” really is a sign that you need to take the steam out of proceedings. Never a good sign of a healthy relationship, period, especially not months or weeks into it.

And keep in mind that a date involves two people; one of which isn’t you. Be open and clear with your intentions before you ask her out on a potential series of dates. It sets the stage for strong communication and honesty — Both of which will have a profound impact on the pacing and development of your newfound connection. That’s why when you start dating someone new, the general rule is to decide what you want out of the relationship to begin with.

Nothing will slow the progression of a relationship faster than being apart. Not only will you halt any forward motion, but you will also have time to reflect on how you feel about the other person. It’s one thing to talk to each other about how you’re feeling, but it’s another to talk to yourself—and yes, we are giving you permission to SwingingHeaven talk to yourself without feeling crazy. How do you go about preventing yourself from moving too fast in a new relationship? Are you putting your partner up on a pedestal, when you barely know anything about them? Maybe you need to get to know a little more about them before you decide if they should be placed high on that pedestal.

I had moved to D.C., and guys I dated were perplexed that I could be so young and already have been married and divorced. He said ‘I can’t handle that,’ and then just up and left. When you transition from friends into romantic partners, your schedules will need to adapt to meet this shift. Don’t expect that you’ll be spending the same amount of time together as you did when you were friends — it might be more or less, depending on what feels right for both of you. “Do you have a standing date night such as Saturday night, or are you spending the entire weekend together? “Once you get in a groove, your relationship will grow like any other.” The sooner you can figure out how often you want to see each other, the easier time you will have settling into the relationship.

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